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Why the Gulf oil spill is a FUBAR

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The Gulf drama demonstrates the same weaknesses and follies of any centralized political command and control system. Like the old Soviets, no one at the federal level, is proposing a solution to the leak. Rather, the federal response is absorbed in turf wars, leaving coherent action paralyzed by conflicting loyalties.
We watch the Corps of Engineers frustrate the Coast Guard, while both join the rest of the federal apparatus to frustrate problem-solvers. From rejecting foreign government help to ignoring good old boys with hay bales, the problem for the feds is not how to stop the leak, or even how to mitigate the disaster, but how best to exploit it to the advantage of politicians and their sponsors.
In the best tradition of ambulance-chasers running to the scene of a multi-car wreck, our president has no first aid skills and no desire to dirty his hands pulling victims from the wreckage. The only action he's capable of is pounding his chest and demanding that someone else pay.
Of course Obama's compassion is delivered on a contingency basis. The fee in this case is further crippling the American economy with his energy fantasies.:wallbash::deadhorse
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Yep. Sad but true. It makes me wonder how long a country can go on like this without self destructing.
We are in the process of finding out how long. Unfortunatly.
As for barry (obama), the job title that he holds does not deligate the authority for him to do shit about the situation anymore than the sitting POTUS has the authority to fire the CEO of GM. You all should stop asking him to. He has usurped and abused the power enough already.
Or like tanvil is saying they could just use this to tighten their grip over us. Classic Problem , Reaction ,Solution.
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