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willie here, think I have found a new home

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Although I have been member since 12-2008 never spent much time here reading or participating in any of the forums until the last week or so. I have been a professional machinist for the last 35+ years and have been shooting, collecting, working on and building firearms in one form or another for even longer. My interest in firearms (new & old) vary from Broomhandles to front stuffer to revolvers to lever action to pump to semi to break open to bolt to even the "Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range". As no one knows all on such a large subject I am looking to increase my knowledge and share what I have in the arena here. The one thing I have noticed here is the relaxed atmosphere and welcome feeling expressed by the membership. One of your members tried to get me involved here over a year ago and I should have listened. I have got to say that a wide range of projects from the Liberator pistol to SG43 have captured my attention and respect. Thanks for running a most excellent forum.
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Hello willie, Welcome to Gunco.
Pull up a chair,and read a few threads.
Lots of good people, and some fine bullsh#t.
Hello Willie and welcome.
Welcome back to gunco!
Yep, welcome back and stick around this time :D
Welcome back
Hello & :welcome:
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