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Windage adjustable base/rings for Savage 10FP-LE2?

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I just got my 10FP-LE2, and now I'm thinking about base and ring options.

I purchased the 65 in.-lb. torque wrench from Brownells for precisely retorquing the trigger guard screws should the stock need to be removed for thorough cleaning. The hex size appears to be 9/64", although the manual says 9/32". This appears to be a misprint in the manual. As I've not received my hex bits from McMaster-Carr yet, I don't know the hex size.

Although Savage will undoubtedly frown on my disassembling the bolt, I would like to know the size of that hex fitting; it appears to be either an oddball size just under 1/4", like 15/64" or maybe a metric size.

But I digress...

The real reason for this thread concerns bases and rings. Sometimes manufacturers drill the scope base holes a little off center, resulting in your having to use up quite a bit of your scope's windage adjustment to bring the scope into zero. A friend that works at a local gun store suggested Millett bases/rings because they are windage adjustable.

I really like the idea of using weaver type bases, with rings that have a thru-bolt and nut that I can torque to 65 in.-lbs. for a tighter fit.

Does anyone know of a mounting system that uses both windage adjustable base and/or rings in a method that also uses thru-bolts and nuts that can be torqued?
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Toten Kopf said:
There is a set of rings that have offset inserts. It's like a plastic ring that the scope fits into then the offset insert fits into the scope ring. That way you don't have to mess with an adjustable base. Also as an added bonus the offset plastic rings prevent the scope from being damaged by the rings. I think they are made by Burris (Signature Zee Rings). Hope this helps.
It does help, and thanks, but I want to look into this a little more.

Do you happen to have link to this setup? It sounds like how my friend described the Millett rings.
No, Totenkopf, you haven't confused things; you've raised some good points I hadn't thought of.
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