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WTB: yugo m70ab2 rear trunion

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Hey guys, I just got a hold of a kit from a pretty decent price, only problem is that whoever tried to demill it, really JACKED up when removing the rivets from the rear trunion. It almost looks like "new" holes were drilled, and now they are much too big for the rivets that are supposed to go there. I started thinking maybe I could re-drill a ak-builder flat by egging the holes allready there, but that really looked nasty. I know I probally could get by with that, but figured I'd see if anyone just has a rear trunion while I also see about getting curtis to provide me with a flat with no rear rivet holes so that I can fix it that way.

Thanks in advance..

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Many moons ago. Global got in a bunch of oversize rivets by mistake.
The owners put out a few for sale and they sold. He ordered more and they sold.
Yes I bought some. Guess I am not the only one who did some bad de-milling work. :)
Lot of rivet sizes out there. If the egging is not too bad you may be able to get a hold of Curtis AK-builder and see if he has some sitting around.
Might save you a few bucks.
Great, practical idea for a pretty common problem.

Reasonable $$$ too!!!
SO I bought this kit but I plan to not use the stock/ trunnion because I want a fixed stock.

If your interested in it let me know
the underfolder trunnions are out there.... keep looking!
Repop fixed trunnions are more common around here. The stock and bolt are not though.
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