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WTF Is Going ON

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I just received an email from the "other" AK website. I will post it below, but just want to know if anyone else got it. WTF, it lists SangRunHunter as an "EVIL" guy. Is there any truth to this or what?

From : [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent : Tuesday, October 12, 2004 11:47 PM
To :
Subject : Re: The SPAM that is going around from formerly known as SangRunHunter aka Twisted Cross aka A Fruitcake

To All the Guns Network members that received this SPAM earlier,

First let me say Thank you all for your support of our website Guns Network and
good morning!

I apologize for you getting this email spammed to you by someone who not only is
scum of the earth but Jeff is also his name is a THEIF and a LIAR.

He stole from Guns Network in order to build a website and as always - If a man
will steal from you he will also lie to you and vice versa.

I just want you to know that he harvested these emails from our website long ago
when we was a Moderator who was booted for being a flip/ flop and

Yeah he pulled a John Kerry on us, but also while he was trying to play
nice-nice to us he and his cohorts were planning and building a website under
our nose, yes I admit to you that they all were using our resources to
coordinate building their webite now known as gunco. Instead of asking
permission Jeff and his buddies STOLE the email addresses and built up a email
database. He used it last time to advertise there website and now he is using
the email addresses again.

Folks this is out of my hands on what he has done and if you did not sign up at
his website and got spammed then you need to demand that he remove you from this
email list that HE STOLE from Guns Network or you will turn him in to his local
police department for harassment, I have that info if you need it also. I would
also suggest reporting him to his website hosting company, his ISP as well as
his email host.

These idiots have been trying to capitalize on Guns Network platform for months
with no success, just a ghost town.

I have received in the last hour 38 emails asking me this "Who and the hell gave
out my email" and "Who is this asshole who sent me this crap" and "Did you sell
my email address" and better yet "Did I sell your email addresses". The answer
is NO they were LIFTED by someone we trusted at one time. I have told the
members who emailed or PM'd me, we do not condone this email being sent and I do
want to hear from those who are pissed off that this has happened. Maybe we can
all do our civic duty and report Jeff.

I do have his contact numbers. Jeff took your info without your permission and
if you want to give it to him straight, then email me back.

Guns Network has helped many Gun Discussion websites out when they are trying to
get off the floor, what they had in common is they ASKED for help. BUT when you
lie, cheat and steal, we will not condone or support any website that lives by
deceit and dishonor. They took resources from us and I sincerely apologize to
you all. This happened awhile back under my watch and I am truly sorry. I take
full responsibility for it and I have made changes on our servers so this will
never ever happen and yes I am accountable as well.

I would hope you all can agree with me that this kind of deception should be

If you have any question PLEASE email me them.

Guns Network Staff
Owner / Partner

Below is part of the email that was sent.......

I just got an email from " [email protected] " that has probably around 200+ email
addresses in the header (many that I recognize from here).

I think this guy harvested email addresses from your system.

Here's part of the MESSAGE that was sent:

"What we have for free that other sites are suddenly charging for:

We have free private messaging
Free avatars of your choice with a wide selection already
Searching for free
Free editing of posts
Viewing of public profile info on other guests.
Signature lines are still there free."

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He's trying to fleece his members and he didn't need another site proclaiming they were a free site where you can still use ordinary board functions everyday.
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