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I'm considering buying a Saiga in .223 and having it converted. I'd like it to look like a traditional AK-74 or AK-104. For the '104 I would have to get one of the Arsenal extended "Krink" style brakes, as I won't be going the SBR route.

It would have the following features:
  • AK-74 FSB or AK-104 FSB
  • Proper AK handguards
  • Bullet Guide for 5.56 Mags
  • Pistol Grip Install, etc.
If any of you would be willing to do a .223 conversion I would have the rifle and parts sent to you. Would you mind PM'ing me with a quote? Or if you can refer me to someone who is skilled at these conversions I'd appreciate it. I don't have the rifle yet, but I'm considering having it done.

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