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I'm cleaning out the last of my AK parts.
I accept MO or check, no paypal or other on-line payments accepted.
Shipping is a flat $7 for one item, or all.
If interested, post "I'll take it" to the ad, then IM for info.

1. Set of Chinese lower and Russian laminate upper.
The lower came from an NHM-91, was profiled to match a Chinese Type 88 lower. The palm swells were added on, drilled through on the inside, then dowels were secured through the lower into the palm swells with Gorilla-Glue 2 part epoxy. Rear inletted for rear tension spring.
The upper was a standard Russian AKM laminate, profiled to AK74 pattern.
Both parts finished with Iodine and 3 coats of shellac. I drilled the front portion for the cleaning rod, but not from the rear, sold the AK and gave up on it.
The first 5 pics are of the HG set, the other 2 pics are the set installed on a Polytech I had.

2. 2 Russian laminate uppers.
Top is a NOS AKM, bottom is an AK-74 from a training rifle.
Has Cyrillic tab with trainers name and rifle SN on it. $20 for both.

3. Chinese NHM HG set. There are a couple of dents in the upper.

SPF 4. Modified Chinese NHM thumbhole.
This was semi-profiled to match a Type 56 profile. The portion that fits into the receiver was WAY out of square when I received it, lots of filling and fitting, some material added, you should expect to have to fit it to your rifle, as there really is no "mil-spec" on Chinese rifles.
this will not fit Euro receivers.
The original checkered plastic butt plate was shortened to fit, and the sling swivel is included.
This also includes a NOS Euro non trap door blued butt plate, but, the stock will need to be profiled and contoured at the rear to install.
The first 4 pics show the stock and butt plate, other 2 show one I profiled to accept the Euro butt plates.
$45. SPF

Contoured stock:

Thanks for looking.
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