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WTS Black Troy rail covers at *blowout* pricing!!!!

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I bought out a Troy vendor at Knob Creek. I ended up with a big box of these. So I am passing them along at what I paid plus a couple bucks to ship. I am selling in sets of 3. Black only, $12 shipped per set of three!
They are 6 inch.
paypal or gunpal address [email protected] (but please add sixty-six cents per set for fees)
I ask that you don't gift through paypal. I've got a huge interest in these and tracking down ship to addresses would be too much.
For those that don't know when you send funds as "gift" through paypal your info doesn't show up.
If you need address for personal check or M.O. that is fine. Just PM me.
Until I post otherwise I will have these. No need to check to see if there are any left.
They will go out first class. So expect 7 days for arrival.
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Ill take a set. I am unable to IM yet do to under 10 posts. Ill send payment via paypal.
I've got a bunch. As long as the ship to address listed with paypal is correct we're good to go after payment is made. But again 1st class so expect 7 days

I'll take a set. PayPal sent. Did you get it?
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