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WTS Cetme 308 rifle

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I've had this rifle for several years. Ran about 40 rounds through it. Feeds very good, with no miss fires. Will take regular H&K mags, or Cetme mags.
Comes with the Gun & parts in pictures, Will include 6 Cetme mags. The scope is a Weaver K4F 4X40.
Selling for $550.00, includes shipping.
Payment will be by USPMO or Paypal. If by paypal add 31/2%
Will ship to FFL dealer only.
Fist to state [I'LL TAKE IT] gets it.
jimmy t
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It was that pink towel that sold it, hooks them every time..:biggrin: B2B
the pink towel was not included should I have tried for it??
No No No, The pink towel is mine. You may look, but don't touch
Dude, I would totally have asked for the towel. Possible seperation anxiety with the rifle seperate from the towel. Possible side effects: FTF, double feeds, hang fires, etc.
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