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WTS-Finn M28-76, Straight Stocked M39, Suomi parts kit, Romy mag pouches

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WTS- Romy mag pouches

Hello, as some of you know I recently took a large financial hit when I was taken by a scumbag for four digits on mail fraud. Wiped out my working capital. Still layed off and had surgery recently so need to come up with some funds until he goes to jail/I get my money back. I hate to part with these two rifle and am only doing so under bad times ;) I will only accept USPS postal money orders as payment ;) Time stamped PM or email at: [email protected]

1) Romanian AK-47 magazine pouches -Unissued condition (6 available) $15 each USPS priority shipping ;)
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damn Craig-and you just got those two rifles!!
i hope the guy becomes BUBAS BITCH!!!for screwin you like that
good luck with the sale pal
Thank you Bob ;) Hate to let them go. That 28-76 fits me like no other rifle I have ever owned :(

Do you have the rear sling bar for the Suomi? Or, do you know where a potential buyer might pick one up? That looks like a great parts kit.

Wish I had the greenbacks for either of the Mosins, sweet rifles both!

ETA (oops, see now it's sold). Still, any idea where someone in need (me!) could pick up that rear sling bar?
sjohnson, check your PM
Hello, first off let me thank you all for the kind replies. I pulled both of the finns off the sale this afternoon as I have finally been called out to work after a nine month layoff and thankfully am going to be able to keep my prized Finns. My best regards to you all, Craig

...........I still have some very nice Romanian mag pouches though ;)
glad to hear the good news!!!
bad news for the guys that missed the deal
enjoy them :)
Thank you kindly my friend ;)
Great news on the job, Craig! Congratulations!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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