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Wts polish underfolder kit

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i have a polish underfolder kit i built several years ago when i had the build bug. i built several and just dont need this one and have decided to sell it to fund another project. the gas piston was removed and replaced with a us made one made by a member on here who used to make them. right now its a complete firearm but i will cut the reciever up so someon else can have the pleasure of building this kit. the only flaw on the kit was the rear trunnion had been cut in the demil process so it has a new us made rear trunion im not sure what there going for but i would like to get $375 shipped for it. but willing to consider best reasonable offers also will throw in G2 trigger group.dont bother lowballing me if your in louisville ky area or willing to travel here will consider ftf only trades i would consider would be an eotech or ftf ak74 or a glock 17


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Quite sorry. I am getting old and senile. Do you want too sell that FFL too FFL not cut up? Is it head spaced. Is it screw build or rivet build.
If you want too sell it FFl to FFL hell I will take it. Please let me know. Thank you. 4th Tim.
its a rivet build it was an all matching kit and headspaced fine im not interested in selling the weapon as a built rifle as i built it on a home made receiver

i would take a decent ar parts kit in trade also
offers ? trades ?
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