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WTS: Some Saiga Stuff

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Had a few Saiga projects, all of which ended up going in different directions. Therefore I have a few parts to peddle.

Dinzag US Made muzzle brake for the Saiga 308. For 17x1 RH barrels - common for .308 Saiga with 0.671" barrel under FSB or cut back barrels. New unused $40 shipped

Saigatech 308 trigger guard for AK grips. Attaches by 2 screws and allows you to mount the TG without fiddling with the mag catch rivets. New in the white. $50 shipped.

DPH Arms Saiga 12 tri rail. They're out of stock and will be for awhile on this one. Brand new, never mounted. $140 shipped.

Best way to contact me is by EMAIL. I don't always see/get IM's so if you feel the need to IM or you just can't read, go ahead with the gamble.
"I'll take it" = you got it.
"I'll take it pending xxxx" = it's still fair game- you haven't committed to anything.

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Are you willing to trade? I have Saiga Surefire .308 mags I am willing to part with.
macdude check your PM inbox.
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