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WTS: Suomi M31 KP44 and DPM28 Kits

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Finish 9mm KP44 Kits

Finish Suomi M31 Kits

Polish DPM28 Kits

Note: The above kits are representative samples and not the actual kit you will receive.

Finish Suomi KP44 9mm Kits with barrel and mag. No barrel trunnion included. Hot item. Only $59 each

Finish Suomi M31 9mm kits with drum mag and barrel. I have both compensated and noncompensated shrouds. The receiver is torch cut demilled but easier to work with than some other Suomi kits. $119 each.

Polish DPM 7.62X54R kits with uncut barrel shroud. The receiver is torch cut demilled. The barrel is demilled with 3 holes drilled in it. Includes all shown accessories($115 value) Limited quantity. $299 each.

UPS shipping for the Suomi kits is $12.50 or actual shipping for multiples. Shipping for the DPM is $20 each(heavy 30lb item).

I accept Cashiers checks, money orders, or personal/business checks(please allow to clear before shipping).
Please email me at seca4455(at) .
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Kits are still available.
main problem with the other kits is receivers and compliance parts. Anybody remember the 29.95 Suomi kits from Centerfire ?
Updated. Lower price on the KP44 kits and I am now including all the accessories for the DPM kits, including a Gunners Kit.
E-mail sent on DPM kit
I want a KP44 kit, email me. Thanks
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