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WTS Unissued Romanian G kits w/receiver - Houston, Texas

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I have two unissued Romanian G kits for sale. These have the original barrel.

These will each ship with a Nodak Spud NDS-3 receiver.

I'm asking $325 each shipped to your FFL. For a two-box shipment (receiver to your FFL - parts kit to you), please add $10.

Edited to add:
• This is a package deal, folks. The receivers come with the kits.

Local buyers (FTF) will have two AK mags per kit thrown in.

Thanks for looking.

Conditions of sale:
Any firearm(s) that may be listed in this post will ship in accordance with applicable laws. The item(s) listed may be C&R Eligible (whee! more FFL licensees).

I am an individual. I will be shipping this personally. If your receiving FFL dealer does not do business with individuals, this deal is not for you. If you absolutely MUST have this item, and your FFL only will do business with other FFLs, the shipping and handling fee for me to have it transferred from my FFL will be $200. This fee will be non-refundable.

If you overnight your money to me, please do not expect me to ship your item until the FFL license arrives. If your FFL guys fax machine is broken or if he's called out of town suddenly and it takes a week for him to send his FFL, it'll take at least a week before I ship. To prevent any mixups along these lines, a good idea is to take your money order to your receiving FFL and have him mail your money and his FFL to me in the same envelope.

Payment will be made with a United States postal money order. If you send anything else, I'll send it back to you. Cash, of course, works fine for face to face transactions.

I reserve the right to cancel the sale at any time, under any conditions, for any reason. If this should occur, all funds will be returned, with the exception of the FFL transfer fee mentioned above.
Buyer is expected to know their laws on these items. If you buy it, and I ship it, and it gets impounded, tough luck - no refunds.
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PM sent
Response returned.

Kits still available at this time.
Each kit now includes a new US made pistol grip

:hyper: Houston area buyers can build their purchase in my shop. More info
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if i was near you id take one on a FTF.....

sorry wrong side of the country. :-(
One kit SPF.

One kit still available.
I'll take the last one....please send me a PM with your contact info.
I'll take the last one....please send me a PM with your contact info.
Look to the left side here, and click on my user name.

A dropdown box will show up.

Click "Send a private message to nalioth"
I don't have enough posts for me to PM, but I can receive
Both kits SPF at this time.
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