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WTS/WTT: Romy G parts kits

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Romy G parts kits. Matching number kits with original barrels. Some very light surface rust.

I have several available.

Looking to sell or trade for some AK rivet tools or jigs. Make me an offer.

$275 + $15 shipping.

Please PM or email ecrist at gmail dot com

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I'll take it
if it doesnt go through, let me know please via PM...
I have several of these kits available.

How much rust on the kits and where? How used are the interiors of the barrels?
Barrel interiors look actually pretty good. Most of the rust seems to be on the butt plates, a little on the dust cover on a couple. But these are not the rusted junk that was going around a couple years ago.

I have several still.
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