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WTS: Yugo Barrel Install/Removal Tool

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This tool is used to remove the barrel from a bulged trunnion and install a barrel into a trunnion that has been riveted to the receiver. The tool kit consists of the following parts: Left and Right Jaws, Bolt Plate, Driving Bolt, Brass Ram, threaded rods, and Nuts. $80

These tools can be purchased here Toth Tool & Engineering, LLC

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I dont have enough posts to PM you, I see online that you dont have these in stock? Can one pay now and have items shipped when in stock?

These are now in stock, I just updated the shopping cart to reflect this so you should not have a problem checking out.

Sweet, Just placed my order. Great tools you can be sure!
Got the new Yugo parts and they look great. Will try to get a chance to use them this week.
will this work on other ak builds ak74 etc?
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