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WTS yugo underfolder kit

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All matching #'s yugo UF kit.Bore is in good condtion,this is one of the nicest yugo kits I have seen,have started to demill.

225.00 FTF louisville,KY 250.00 shipped.IT IS UP TO YOU TO KNOW IF ITS legal for you to own this kit in your state.

May also trade for a 9mm handgun FTF in louisville only

Update sold pending funds from oldyeller

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I have had alot of interest and asking how much shipped..

I will take 225.00 FTF or 250.00 shipped in the lower 48
What form of payment will you take?

I'll take it
Update Sold Pending funds per pm's
Nevermind, I guess I should have posted I will take it, how do you want payment, since none was posted. Lesson learned.
Nevermind, I guess I should have posted I will take it, how do you want payment, since none was posted. Lesson learned.
Sorry He had pm'ed me much earlier before anyone posted anything,USPS M.O. Accepted....
It's only good sense and etiquette to keep the sale public. PM's are for details, "I'll take it" needs to be stated clearly and publicly. IMO.
I'll take it if the kit becomes available again.
WHAT A STEAL!!! The underfolder and the rear trunion would sell for at least $100.00 The Winner should be VERY happy with this one!
Anyone know this guy? month and 1/2 and still no kit. :drunk:
Looks like a new seller.

Did you try reaching out to him ? Do you have his phone #? did he use a physical add or a PO Box?

Hope its just a delay and he does pull through for you.
I have been in touch with him- says he shipped it and it came back, and now he has no time to ship it. Just got an email that says its in the mail, but I still have no tracking number so who knows. Hopefully it will work out, and I will be sure to post it here when I get the kit. Crossing my fingers.
Still no kit, and now he won't reply back to me. For some reason he won't give me any tracking info even though he says its insured. What can I do? Is there any legal action I can take? I sent him a postal money order and he did cash it. He says he is military police at Ft Knox too. Go figure. This has gone on too long, just want to resolve it.:grumble:

P.S. I don't think the seller has been on here since he posted this.
No legal action will work. I say wait till this coming Tuesday. If he sent it out on 16th, it can take upto 10-12 days. Who knows, maybe he shipped the day after on the 17th.

Wait on any further action. Lets be certain about his intentions.

This just sucks!
Your right, thanks. I just gotta quit thinking about it.
Old Yeller -

PM Sent with some advice!

Bud I think it is time you involved a mod and outed this seller.
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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