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WW2 pictures

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Wow, thanks frige. Those pictures are amazing! God Bless Our Soldiers, both past and present.
So many good men died to give these socialists the right to tear our country down! Stop the madness!! Clean this country up!
Those are great pictures WOW thanks for sharing
My grandfather was to old so he had his priest lie about his age.He had pictures of Jap heads.The Marines would give the natives chocolate bars
for bringing in the heads.:nanabang:


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Very cool pictures...

However, "The Denver Post". Hell, I'm surprised that they would show pictures of war!!!! Denver is so anti, anti! It's like Chicago/LA/SF/Phila. all rolled into one.

Head north a little bit (Loveland, Ft. Collins) and it's like the "Stepford Wives". Cutie little communities with all these little statues and road circles. I would have put a emicon throwing up here...

Like I said, cool pictures!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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