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Xebec Press Kit

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What is a Xebec Press Kit? What does it look like? What does it do? Where do you get them?
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I'm fortunate enough to have those pieces, and yes some guys up this weekend built one where these tools came in handy, but mine are beat to pieces. They suffer from operator error.

xebecs block, of mine, suffers from an expanded pin hole where the steel pin eats the aluminum. Most people set up so the pin goes through the hole.

The lower leg of the trunnion pusher has now collapsed and gets filled in with metal blocks. Kind of like leggos without the locking pieces. The pin pusher looks like the leaning tower.

Franks rivet sqooser operation was much improved by a set up which didn't leave it airbourne--when I explained my wisdom his response was "duh!!"

Max's gadget I have not torn up yet. Solid steel no moving parts, kinda like a rock. My kind of toy.
rlrsk8r said:
100% receiver so I can pass it on to that someone who thinks he 'needs' it more than he needs the money in his pocket. So the casual sale is covered that way. I don't have to serialize it and put MY name and MY address on it.
Welcome, I see by your post numbers that you are new.

I'm not at all up on the fine points of legalize so someone else may step in and clarify, however, it sounds as if you build intending to sell.

Is that kosher?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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