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Yeah!!! Two different jigs waiting for me when I got home this morning!

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Thanks 7.62 and Xebec!! I got em at the same time. It's freaking Christmas :) . Plinkers rivet jig should be coming soon as well as a whole crap load of rivets. Headed to Harbor Freight on Friday to go press shopping.
7.62 do you think you could email me some instuctions for your Trigger Rivet Jig? I'm a Polock remember, and a straight up beginner to boot. It looks simple enough to figue out but it will probably save me time and profanity.
On the Xebec jig I got the best combo of press plates I could think of allowing me to do barrel presses on the PSL, AMD63, AKM, AK74, Milled recievers, and RPK's. I didn't really see myself working on AK47s or AMD65s so I opted not to try to get a third plate for those. Now I really have to clear out my spare bedroom and start setting up shop. I still need to get a decent drill press and a workbench as well. Hmmmm need to order some of those AK posters to go up in there too for inspiration and motivation. Not that I really need those this is a hell of an addiction. :thankyou: PT
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Just don't get too excited!!!! I was so excited with 7.62's jig that I hurried up and riveted on a trigger guard. Then I couldn't figure out why they bent over and were so ugly. I left off the trigger plate!!!!!!!!!!. I had to grind off the rivets and compose myself. The only instructions you need for the trigger jig is " DON"T LEAVE OFF THE PLATE!!!"
scubadvr said:
I hate that when that happens. (me too) Jack
What really sucks is that I was demonstrating it to a friend........... :bawling:
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