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You CAN'T stop THIS zombie!

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Well, someone could pay the Chinese to use their satellite killer to shoot it down...
Maybe the chinese reprogrammed it to only work for them. Damn space pirates.
There is a fortune to be made retreiving and recycling old satellites. The challenge is how to do it at low enough cost.

Haaa Ha. I knew this was gonna happen. Oh yeah. Ha.
I am old enough to remember when they sent that first poor little chimp up.
Said. Yup their is gonna be trouble with this. Yes sir their is.
Like I dont have enough problems. Now I have too wear a helmet when I go outside.
Poor little happy chimp. Think they gave him a banana for his last ride.
Oh yes we can.... :)

See below, F-15 7-084 complete with ASM-135 Anti-Satellite Missile, I worked on this pig (7-084).


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lol, are they available in kit form, Mark? :D
lol, are they available in kit form, Mark? :D
No but as a joke one day, I was tired of working on that crappy plane and put in a parts request to fix the plane... I used the national stock number for an entire F-15... supervision was not as amused as I was, apparently it made it quite a distance before the "error" was caught.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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