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You Have to see this

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If this does not make you piss your pants, nothing will.

Pay special attention to reply #23

All these mooks are posting reasons why you should donate to you know who.

This is one of the replies

"....Just the Ace Build info in BIY 1 is worth the donation...."

That is My f***ing tutorial he is talking about.

That makes sense, send DimwiT $20 so you can read my work, when you can have it for free, right here.

On top of that DimwiT keeps threatening us with legal action for stealing his content.
All of the pic URL's were changed when I got banned, which means the only way they can still be visible, is if asshat downloaded them before banning me.
Meaning that is all stolen info.
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As many people know I was banned and have been called some not so nice things over that issue.

Some have no idea about why and what has happened to many of the people banned over there. Some, when they find out are shocked and they don't even believe it. That's the way it is in politics too and we have to just go on even when we've been done wrong.

There are so many people there that have been banned and the list is looooonnnnggg.

With all that said I gave him $100 over 2 years. I even paid my Dad's $20 so he could keep seeing the BIY forum when it went pay. When he banned me he banned my Dad too and my Dad's login was never used except to test a first post and browse. I was blind for a while too.

It's his decision to do what he does and he will keep doing it as I know many people including myself who tried in a very nice manner to let him know he was making people mad.

After the latest little incident I'm done arguing about it or fighting about it. He can keep harassing me and doing whatever. He's done it to FALfiles, AR15, and others. He'll do it to others until he runs it into the ground or comes to his senses.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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