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There have been several posts here and there asking for new forums and other things.

We hear you and we appreciate any suggestions any member has for Gunco. There are some that we don't have the traffic for or the interest.

Here are some of the latest and we want input as to what would be popular or more suggestions.

Lever action forum

Battle rifle forum

Reloading forum

Black powder forum

Froums we have added lately or put back.

1919 BIY
Great outdoors
Vendors deals forum that only members can see. This is for a vendor to post special one time deals that they might want to extend to Gunco members.

As Gunco gets more popular and bigger we will add more stuff and I would like to see more added myself, but only when traffic warrants it.

This board's strength comes from the BIY crowd and those that mess with AK's. Our C&R is weak by most standards, but we thought what a good way to let people post about them even if it's not up to the excellent information Redstar has provided over at Brand X for so many. I have to thank him for his good work and getting me interested in C&R stuff.

AR15 stuff here is almost non-existant since there is a really good site for that! :D Sometime in the next month or so I will probably due a thread about assembling an AR from a home finished receiver. I doubt AR15 stuff will ever be a huge draw here since it's covered by

Battle rifles, that could be a good forum to cover so many rifles like, Garands, M14, G3 clones, FAL's, SVT 38/40, MAS49/56, FN49, and a few others.

Members can give us suggestions anytime and we appreciate all of it. We have the pic host about ready to launch and we have some other things in store too. We really want to make Gunco a top notch site to visit, but it all takes time and money to get it going. The contests have really helped Gunco out to get us on the map and it shows how committed we are to this.

Please take the time to tell your friends about us as well!

Thanks from Gunco!
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